The Nerve Center of Esports

ESM is a global platform that shows you the reality of esports. Four interconnected services that make understanding and getting involved in the industry easy as pie. Whether you’re a gamer, businessman, streamer or advertiser — ESM is your competitive advantage, the nerve center of esports. All the necessary tools in one place!

Our projects

The Ace Up Your Sleeve

Esports is a fast-growing market. The challenge is understanding the chaos. This is where ESC shines! No need to rely on vague opinions. How large is the viewership of a game? How engaged is the audience? When do emotions run high? Our service gathers data to answer these questions… and hundreds more!

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The Ultimate Streamer E-wallet

Simply put, we’re the most convenient electronic payment system for streamers. Designed by people that know streaming from the inside as a profession. We provide an easy donation/subscription mechanism, super low fees, customizable interface, ways to fund side-projects, stickers, widgets and all the other tools of a successful streamer!

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A Streamer’s Paradise

Whether you’re an experienced streamer or just starting out, is the wave of the future for you! Our advantages are an experienced support team that knows everything about streaming, our own software, our 24/7 streaming “television”. We’ll teach you how to market yourself, optimize hardware, reach audiences and much more!

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Seasoned veterans, consummate professionals, creative tech wizards. We’re here to support your plans, ambitions and dreams!

Ivan Danishevskyi

Ivan Danishevskyi

Founder, CEO

Artyom Odintsov

Product Manager

Vladimir Kirillov

Head of R&D

Oleg Boiko

UI/UX Architect

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